Garden furniture

Outdoor collection.
Geometric openwork.
Modern garden furniture with characteristic, geometric openwork. The set includes: table, stackable chairs, LED lamp and flowerbeds.

Chair G001. Table G002.

Food safe surface.
Antibacterial tops.
Ultra durable compact laminate.
Outdoor LED lamps.

Waterproof. Wireless. Rechargeable. Energy-efficient.

LED lamp batteries are powered via the USB port.
Once the battery is fully charged (5 hours), the lamp shines at maximum light for at least 24 hours.
LED lamps may have an optional solar panel. This solution is 100% ECO.
Bench with storage compartment.

Ultra durable compact laminate seat.

Bench G003

Plays with the light.

Two LED lamp dimensions. Different light effect.

Naturally beautiful hanging flowerbeds.

Modern shapes for your plants. Which one is for you?

Hanging flowerbeds.

Maximum LED light for more than 24 hours.
Lantern G007 for modern traditionalists.

Lantern G007

Outdoor LED lamp.

Sea rope handle. Solid oak wood finishing.

Modern outdoor decoration.

Decoration G009